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i'm Kelsey, im 20 years old. i'm due on November 5th. I have the most amazing boyfriend who has been there with me through sooo much and treats my kids like his own. we're too excited to be expecting. (:

About Mommy
Name: Kelsey
Age: 20
Pre-pregnancy weight: 141
Current weight: 147
How far along are you: 13 weeks
Is this your first pregnancy: No
If not, how long ago was your last: I had my son on may 15, 2012
Do you have any other children; names and ages: yes. Kinley is almost three and Brandon will be one next month
How many children do you want to have: four
Do you like being pregnant: some parts of it, yes
Have you had any morning sickness: god, yes!
Have you had any mood swings: sometimes
Have you had a stronger sense of smell: yes!! all the time.
Have you had any swelling in your hands or feet: no
Have you had any aches or pains: my backs horrible
Will you take maternity leave: i'm a sahm
Favorite past-time while being pregnant: sleeping when im exhausted
Have you bought any baby things: no
Are you more excited or nervous: too excited!

About Daddy
Name: jarrod
Age: 19
Relationship with you: boyfriend
How long have you known him: six.
Does he have any other children, names and ages: no
How many children does he want to have: two of his own, plus the other two I have.
What is his favorite past-time: hes a workaholic
Has he bought anything for baby: no
Is he excited: very

When did you find out you were pregnant: the beginning of march
How did you find out: took a few tests because I was super late on my period
Who was with you when you found out: just me
What was your reaction: I cried for a second just outta shock, but after it sunk in I was happy
How did the daddy react: he was pretty shocked because he didn't know I was taking any tests. he knew I bought them but I didn't tell him when I was going to take them.
How did your parents react: they are somewhat worried because its my third child but now there getting used to the idea
How did his parents react: they were a little surprised but now they are fine and happy about it
Did consider an abortion: no
Have you heard the baby's heart beat: yes, it was very fast
Have you had an ultrasound: yes, a few.
Have you had a 3D/4D ultrasound: not yet.
Have you had any complications:: a few in the beginning, a little spotting here and there but nothing major
Are you high risk: no
Are you having a boy or a girl: we won't know until may 23rd
Have you picked out any names yet: yes.
If so, what are they: Sophia Adeline or Gavin

Any food cravings: mozzarella sticks, water and watermelon
Craziest thing you have eaten: nothing.
Do you have any pregnant friends: yes.
Have you felt any movement: flutters, but no guarantee it was the baby
Has dad felt any movement: no
Do you or dad talk to baby: jarrod does alot
When did you first start showing: i'm not showing, my jeans are starting to get a little uncomfortable though
Do you have any stretch marks: from previous pregnancies
How have you been sleeping: like a bear! (:
Have you had any really strange dreams: yes, all the time!
Have you gotten any braxton-hicks contractions: no.
Has dad had to make any midnight snack runs: not at midnight
Have you made baby shower plans: no, but I know we want to have it soon after we know the gender instead of way later
Have you registered anywhere: no.
What was the first thing bought for baby: nothing, until we know what it is
Are you going to take any birthing classes: no.
Have you read any pregnancy or baby books: I have a day-to-day guide I read everyday
When is your next doctors appointment: may 20th

Birth Plans
At home or hospital: hospital
Vaginal or C-section: vaginal.
Natural or medicated: haven't decided, I had to have my son naturally and it was the worst pain I've ever endured, but I felt a lot better afterwards than I did when I had my daughter with medicine
Will you be induced: if I reach 39 weeks without going into labor, yes.
Who will be in the delivery room with you: jarrod, and my mom
Are you going to have a doula: no.
What are a few things you will make sure to have with you: comfy clothes for recovery!!
Are you going to take pictures or video: pictures.
Will dad cut the cord: yes.
If you are having a boy, will you circumsize: yes.
Will any relatives come into town: maybe my sister
Are you scared: no.

Baby's Arrival
Do you have a coming home outfit: no, they never work out. my babies are always too small for nb clothes.
Will you come home as soon as you can: yes.
What is the nursery theme: carters elephants. colors depends on gender.
Will you breastfeed or use formula: i'm going to try breastfeeding for the first time
Will you co-sleep: no.
Cloth diapers or regular: regular
What can't you wait for the most: to extend my little family. (:

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