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My name's Nickcol Victoria Brown AKA Falyne Chairo. I aslo go by these nicknames, Nico Robin, Ino, or Kiku-kun. i am a mangaka(manga artist) and a passionate writter. i'm a very nice person only when i want to be. so i am a big b***h. and if you do not like it then make yourself full and suck it up. And for those millions of haters who don't like me, to bad because i am here and alive b***hes! ^-^ i am a black german, a WEIRDO and proud! so haters bite me! and boys don't talk to me and turn the other cheek unless you are my FRIEND because i am TAKEN!. i am currently working my dream of becoming a famous American manga artist. when i get my manga studio completed in the future, don't be shy to ask for a job. ;) well that's all i have to say about myself for now. ask me questions, and see if your worthy enogh to become mein fruende. AUF WIEDERSEHEN!!!!! XD