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Age 27
Gender Female
Status In a Relationship
Work yes i have to duh!
Location Louisville, Kentucky
Kids 1
Due Nov 10, 2013 (boy)
I have a beautiful daughter named Kylie Joy...She is the best thing thats ever happened to me without her I couldn't picture my life the same. ..Went to Daymar College for medical assistant administrative. Now Just living life. I am Due Nov.18th a day after Kylie's Birthday but I don't think I should do that to them. So instead I am going in on Nov. 11th. Unless he comes early for some reason.
March 30th two test said im positive
April 1st confirmed -7wks pregnant
April 9th first ultrasound pics everything seems okay- 8wks
May 6th Heard the heartbeat first 147ish! and heard fetal movement
June 3rd Normal visit 141 bm
July 1st find out the sex!! It's A Boy!!
August 19th Past my glucose test- sugar levels good
Sept. 9th - Normal visit measure 31 weeks and heartbeat 140s going good
Sept. 23rd- Normal growning on track 144ish bm
Oct. 7th-