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Age 31
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Interest Photography, Scrapbooking, Reading, Huinting, Cooking, Biking, Hiking, Boating
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Due Feb 02, 2015
I am a 30 year old, married, sahm to four beautiful children; Jaxon (10), Jaidyn(8), Jensen(6), and Addisyn(3). We are from "smallish" town Iowa and love raising our children here. My husband (Ron) is the assistant yard manager at our local Menards, he is my second husband and is truly my best friend and the love of my life, not only does he love and treat my three oldest like they are his own, but he gave me my beautiful youngest daughter, Addisyn...he's an amazing father and husband, I am truly blessed. We also have a gorgeous 8 year old husky, Iyce, who we rescued from a horrible living situation about a year ago, she has quickly warmed up to our active lifestyle and loves being a big part of the family!

We absolutely love spending time as a family, especially outdoors, we hunt, fish, bike, hike, boat, and camp together! I also love cooking, reading, scrapbooking, and zumba :-)

We are definitely planning on having more children and that's part of the reason I joined this community, I'd love to meet other mommies and share experiences with them, some of my best friends are those I have met online when pregnant! I am having (the horrible!) Mirena removed tomorrow (4/30) after spending 3 miserable years not feeling like myself, we will be preventing pregnancy with condoms and charting until January 2014 when we will begin to try for baby number 5!