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My name is HayLee. I have one son Gunner who was born December 20, 2012. I call him my christmas baby. He came at 41+1 via induction. His weight was 9 pounds 8 oz and 22" long. He is now my 21 pound 30.5" 9 month old. My pregnancy with him was pretty uncomplicated. I was a mess though.. I found myself crying over everything. I planned on going natural in labor but that didn't work out. After 26 hours of labor, 8 hours in I got the epidural. His birth was not easy. I found myself blacking out during the pushing stage. His doctor had said she was about to make me get a csection as his heartrate kept dropping drastically. I remember my mom, husband. the doctor and a nurse being in the room. I passed out and when I woke up everyone was frantic telling me to push.. I had no energy anymore and my body wouldn't allow me to. A nurse jumped on the bed shoving my belly down trying to help get him out. The doctor pulled him out by his arm. He had shoulder dystocia ( shoulders were stuck behind my pelvic bone) he was also born meconium and blue in color.. at around 2 minutes of life I finally heard my baby boy cry. Other than that he has been healthy. He had surgery recently at 9 months old to remove a dermoid cyst between his brows.. If you need any advice on that, feel free to ask.. We have been breastfeeding since he was born and I love it!!

I am married to the love of my life, my marine. We are stationed on Camp Pendleton. Although the military has been nice to us he is EAS in November 2014' we recently found out we are expecting baby # 2 due at the end of MAY 2014. Hoping for a easy pregnancy & a sticky baby! (: My doctor said more than likely ill be induced early or a csection so we don't have another labor scare with a HUGE baby.. Feel free to message me whenever!

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