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Location Salem, IN, United States
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I am over all a very compassionate person, but if you push my buttons you will definitely meet my bad side. I have a temper, so beware. I am a friend to everyone, even those I hate, because of my compassion, so if you ever need just a someone's shoulder to cry on I'm always here. I know how to keep a secret and hold myself to any promises I make. I am not judgmental and most definitely not discriminatory. I have deep belief in honesty, so please always be honest with me and I will do the same with you in return. If someone talks about you behind your back, I'm the type that will tell you what's been said, because I won't fight your battles for you, but I will be there to help you through it.
I love all animals, especially wild animals, so don't be surprised if you see me saving bugs from shoes or going up to wild animals without hesitation.
I am avid writer; writing poems of different sorts day and night. My favorite poet is Robert Lee Frost, his work expresses things that are difficult to express in many words and he inspires me to put what I cannot say into a world of poetry.
Aside from being an avid writer, I am also an avid runner. I hate being stuck indoors and I go out in all kinds of weather. I love running with my dogs or going on long walks. I love being outdoors and if you're out and about chances are you'll see me outside whether it's noon or three in the morning.
When I lived out in Paoli I loved hanging out at the creek with my dogs; Brownie(lab mix, 14yrs), Jasmine(German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, 1yr), and Chance(Boston Terrier, 1yr), especially in the summer time.
I moved to Salem with my mom to live with friends, June of 2011. In September we moved again to our own place in Salem with my oldest dog Brownie (lab mix, 14 years old) and my newest dog Thornne (dapple dachshund, 1 year).
I love going up to the park and swinging on the swings or hanging out with my best friend Lacey Sumner. That girl makes me laugh so much it hurts.
Lacey gave me the nicknames Cheesy Lizard and Road Runner.
I'm also known as Hooker- thanks to Chloe, and Mom, since I help everyone and am always there for people. Some people call me Jessalyn or Jessi. I honestly don't care what you call me, but don't call me things such as Lily Pad or Gracie, because that'll be grounds to beat you(:
Any questions? Just ask-