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My Kyle, My Baby.
Born and passed Oct. 2, 2012

When people say they feel empty inside they really have no idea what that really means. You were growing inside me one minute gone the next but, you're not in my arms where you were supposed to be. I feel like my life has stopped. I feel like I'm trying to find you every minute of every day even though I know I won't. I know it's me that's lost not you. I know where you are. I just can't stop searching. It doesn't seem real that you just disappeared from our lives before we even met face to face. How do people go on from something so unimaginably devastating? Until my first child was born I never knew true love. Until my first child died I never knew real pain. I love you so much! My poor baby! I wish I could hold you, rock you, kiss you and sing to you. More then anything though I wish I could trade places with you. I'm so sorry I couldn't keep you safe!

Where I am going.

I am currently just enrolled at Ivy tech to pursue my Associates R.N. and will continue, while working as an R.N., to pursue my baccalaureate R.N degree( preferably at IU). I intend to continue to receive my master degree with specialty in Neonatal care perhaps even go as far as to attain my DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree.

They say people have a fight or flight instinct. Mine is pretty much all fight. You should keep that in mind if you ever feel like jumping down my throat about bullshit. You might startle me and I might just punch you in the face. Not kidding....I spook easy.

Sheena's Law.
March 8th of 2008 a 4year old girl arrived at her neighbors house toting her 2mo old brother and 4mo old cousin with her. She told the neighbors that her mommy was hurt really bad. they called 911. When responders arrived Sheena Kiska the 23 year old mother of 2 who was attending college and getting married to her childrens father that summer was found unresponsive in her apartment at 2:45 in the afternoon. She was immediately pronounced dead from multiple blunt force trauma wounds. The previous month or two Sheena had problems with loud neighbors and had her apartment burglarized. The burglary was NON FORCED ENTRY. The complex did little to alleviate Sheena's worry that she was not safe nor comfortable in her home. She told them that she did not feel safe and wanted out of her lease. They told her that she had to pay 3 mo rent as a fee to break her lease. Sheena could not afford to pay that so she debated on what to do and after a time she decided to move regardless of how tight money was going to be. A week before her scheduled move date Sheena packed her children and niece in the car to pick her nephew up from school. She forgot something upstairs.....possibly. She ran back up to her apartment to fetch it and never came back to her children waiting in the car. Eventually her 4 year old became impatient and went upstairs to check on mommy and found her laying on the floor. If Sheena had been allowed to moved she would have never thought about it as long as she did and would be alive today. If the apartment complex had stepped up security after the incidents Sheena reported she would be alive today. Basically the proposed law states that NO ONE should be held ransom in an unsafe environment for 3 mos rent. Most people cannot afford this. If a tenant can produce an official police report indicating breaking and entering, or a violent crime they can break their lease without penalty.The apartment complex's have security that produces a false sense of safety because they do not use the security for anything but show. At the most the security is 1 car for an entire complex that sits in one spot. This law is pretty much putting penalties of losing viable tenant on places that don't check possible tenants criminal records and have 'false' security so that they will have to be more responsible with whom they rent to and if not then they will have to step up security to keep tenants. If you produce the appearances of trying to keep your tenants safe then they can't just be appearances. If someone gets hurt or dies on my property due to my lack of reasonable maintenance or measures to provide safety ( such as shoveling snow or putting knives out of reach when small children visit) then I can be sued. The law isn't asking for that accountability for complexes. It is simply stating that if the complex cannot create an environment that is reasonably safe for their tenants and because of such, a tenant has issue that results in a police report being filed of a particular nature then said tenant shall legally be allowed to move out without any penalties for early lease termination.
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