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Age 24
Gender Unspecified
Status Not Saying
Location Japan
Kids 17
Due Nov 16, 2013
Well where do I start?
I love to dance,
I listen to all kinds of music!
I love to run.... running is my thing!!!!!!
I am VERY short... well that is if you consider 5"1' short... which EVERYONE does!
I have red hair, I never dye my hair, only highlight.
I have deep brown eyes,
I may not like you.... that's just life, live with it!
I am very shy....sometimes.... OK maybe not at all.... but I don't warm up to others easily.
I LOVE kids!!!!! Mostly because I still act like one! lol!
I'm going to school currently... University of Alaska.
I never have great luck.... I just get lucky (there is a difference).
I never think I look good in anything, and if I do you'll never know.
My age isn't a secret, I just dont like it when people ask!
I like to watch movies, all kinds...all styles! (however I am not a perve so no "adult" movies).
I can say that if you think you know me... your wrong... only 3 people other than my family truly "know" me!

Thats my life... you don't like it? You're not living it!