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Age 24
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Oklahoma
Kids 17
Due Jun 10, 2015 (girl)
How did you know you were pregnant?
My momma 'knew' by the way I looked that I was pregnant so she begged me to take a test.

How old were you?

Was it planned?
Not planned but we weren't trying to prevent it either. It was like "if we get pregnant Great! but if not we still have time so no big deal"

What foods did you crave?
Gas station chicken strips & ranch!!

Any morning sickness?
every single second during the 1st trimester but the day I hit my 2nd trimester I never saw it again =)

What was the worst side effect?

Who was your doctor?
Brian Rhoel

Did you find out the sex?

Due date?


Were you induced?
No but I had an induction day set up for the 13th which was 3 days after my due date.

Where did you start labor?
In my living room

How long were you in labor?
20 hours

How long did you push?
4 Hours

Did you have an epidural?

Vaginal or C-Section?
C-section =(

Was there complications with the labor and delivery?
Not anything big. My birth canal just ended up being to small =/

Did you cry when they were born?
I was knocked out =(

Who was in the delivery room?
Well when I was trying to deliver vaginally my husband, mom, mother in law & grandma was in the room but when I had to be put under for a csection no one was allowed back there with me

Have an episiotomy?

Vacuum or forceps used?
They tried the vacuum but then realize that my canal was small


Bryce Gene Grimes

Boy or Girl:
Boy <3

8lbs 3 oz


Date of birth:
8-11-12 (I went into labor on my due date but he was born the next day)

Time of birth:

Hair color:
Light Brown

Eye color:

Dr. Iorga


How old are they now?:
3 Months

What kind of diapers?:
Disposable. Huggies & luvs (depending of if I have coupons lol)

What kind of formula?:
NOOO formula just breast milk =)

What theme did you do their nursery in?:
Sports cars

Are they a smiler or a cryer?:
Smiler... unless he's hungry lol

What makes them fall asleep?:
Me rocking him or eating a whole bunch

Are they the first?:
Yep =)

If not what number are they?:


Tracy Mattea Grimes

Age now:

Did you ever consider abortion or adoption?:
Hell no!

Were you married or dating the father?:
We had been engaged for 2 months when we got pregnant

Are you now?:
We're married =)

How much weight have you lost?:
at my 6 week check up I had lost all 30 pounds that I gained plus an extra 5 =D


Who is the Godmother?:
Don't have one

Who is the Godfather?:
Don't have one

How did the grandparents take it?:
Great! Lots of happy tears

Did your friends stick by you?:
Some. The good ones =)

Did anyone throw a baby shower?:
Yes =)

Has anyone helped since the birth?:
My mom and dad have helped SOOOOO much

Are you happy you're a mommy?:
I couldn't be happier!!:D