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Wow where to start. Im 31 and have been told since 16 I would never have kids. I have severe PCOS that none of the meds seemed to help. I have a partial hysterectomy at the age of 21. 2 years ago my husband and I did a year of fertility meds, testing, timing, temp taking, etc. and had no luck. My OBGYN at the time said that between his jacked up sperm and my jacked up girly parts it just wasnt in the cards. We had thought about adoption but decided against it until we could own our own home and then we would foster instead of adopt to help more kids.

On October 15th it was suggested I go double my dose of Metformin from 1000Mg a day to 2000Mg. Said it would help with the PCOS and possible fertility.

On Dec 31st I hadnt had a period in over 5 months. I was suffering pretty bad with Cysts on my remaining ovary and had already scheduled an OBGYN appointment for the 16th of January. I kept dreaming I was pregnant, over and over again the dreams haunted me. Because my sister is an OBGYN and a lot of the meds I take can have a negative effect on a baby I had several preggo tests under my sink. I take them when I go thru periods of no period to "just make sure" before taking my meds. I had taken 2 already this 5 month haitis but decided to take one more just to be on the safe side.

When the stick popped up with 2 lines I about killed everyone in the house from excitement but also had a deep pending sense of sadness because I hadnt stopped my meds and was afraid Id have another miscarriage or that the tests werent true (I had had a few false positives in the past)

I woke hubby up (he works nights/sleeps days) and make him run to drug store and get a box of the "high end" tests. He got a box of 3- I peed on 2 before I believed it.

The next afternoon we were going to dinner to celebrate the new year, and I had HORRIBLE pains in my left side. We went to the ER, turns out I had cysts all over my remaining ovary and yes I had a 6 week and 3 day baby inside me.

I was scared- so scared- and here I am still scared but having more confidence that by the end of the summer (Aug 23rd) Im going to be a mommy!.

I also have diabetes so I struggle with this daily.
I have severe GERD which has made this pregnancy rough.
I have severe spinal damage, nerve damage in my legs and had a intense spinal fusion.

I knew if god ever gave me a chance to be a mommy it was not going to be an easy pregnancy, but in the end the only thing that matters is this precious miracle growing inside me.