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Age 16
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Interest MUSIC!! & Babies!

My name is Bethany! :) I am 16 & a sophomore!! I will be graduating with my 2016 class! I love love LOVE children with a passion! I am in a relationship with an amazing girl named Danielle! I have a beautiful three year old foster sister! Her name is Leigha Lynn! & Once we adopt my princess her name will be changed to Leigha Grace Mckinley! <3 She's my heart! I also have a foster brother who is 5 months old named Jaxon! :) 

I am obsessed with all things baby! Clothes, names, you name it! I love it :) 

I have bunches of experience with kids & I'm a babysitter! :) I work for a lady who has an in-home daycare! :) I am not a mother, or an aunt, or anything! I, of course, plan on having kids once I am married! (And, yes, I do know that I'm in a relationship with a female & that our babies will not happen naturally if we were to stay together, but thank you!) But, until then, I'll keep working at daycares & loving on my babies! :)