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Age -10
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work semi-retired
Location Mesa, Arizona
Interest varied-currently popping out one more before put to pasture
Kids 99
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I am ....*sigh* 47.
He is 24

Children 18-15-8
I am still in full ovulatory schedule 28 day cycle
O usually around day 13 depending on my stress.
Incompetent cervix discovered at age 30 , cerclage pregnancy 13 and 15. Repaired physical trauma to my cervix and I carried normal my surprise 17th pregnancy at age 40.

Will try natural until we can be together more (he is European citizen and going to start for his doctorate soon). I especially want to control my cycle tighter to be ready for optimum care immediately following BFP. If. There is always chance I am one of the family women who hits menopause before 60.
Meanwhile, exercising my extra 10# off.
I have sometimes long menses. Annoying but doesn't affect start date of ovulation. Started sign checking in April and started monitoring BBT May. BBT is lower than my baseline when last fully monitoring (for NFP). I had accidental pregnancy in 2011 but I was 30# overweight and on some serious meds. Week 12 miscarriage. My problem is not being pregnant but staying that way to edge past that critical point to the 14th week where they used to decide cerclage or other methods to keep the package unopened (I was on bedrest with last one).