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I am twenty years old and am engaged to the love of my life. We have been together since i was sixteen and he was eighteen.

My beautiful baby came as quite a surprise both in conception and delivery. Though we have no real idea as to why i went into labor early my assumption is that it was caused by my bright idea to go hiking at twenty eight weeks gestation. Though i felt nothing strange, later that night i had a slightly pink discharge. Thinking the worst i called my OB only to be told i was fine and to call back if it got worse. The discharge went away and i had no more difficulties. As the days went on my stomach felt slightly sore nothing to worry about i though perhaps he had started to drop. There was no discharge and my doctor had said i was fine so being a first time mommy i thought i must just have achy stomach muscles. The day i found out i was in labor i had worked a nine hour shift at Mcdonalds. The entire time i felt nothing wrong with me, no contractions that i could feel. The only thing bothering me was i was slightly nauseated and had gotten light headed once. I thought it was just something i ate that had not agreed with my baby boy. When i got off work i headed to the bathroom only to find i had once again begun slightly spotting. This time, however, it was bright red. My heart dropped into my stomach and i decided i would not call my OB. Instead i called SO and told him to take me to the hospital. When i got there they reassured me i was fine that if i was really in labor i would know it for sure. However when the OB on call checked me he was shocked to discover i was dialated to a six without feeling a single contraction.
They then sent a terrified me by ambulance to a hospital an hour a way. All they told me was that i would be lucky if i did not deliver on the ambulance. I arrived safely at the other hospital and was on bedrest for two days while they attempted to stop my contractions. The crazy part being i could watch the contractions going off the chart on the monitor and could only feel my stomach slightly tighten. I only began feeling them when i was dialated to an eight and a half at which point they were excruciating. After hard labor for what seemed like forever they asked if i would be ok with an epidural so that i could rest. My original plan was an all natural birth with no pain relievers at all. After much discussion i decided i would go along wit an epidural and as soon as i recieved it fell asleep.
then on april 2nd my OB came in to check me. she said i was fully dialated and that they were going to go ahead and break my water. So at 8 am after being woken up from a dead sleep they broke my water and had me begin pushing, though by this time my epidural had worn off. At 8:28 am i heard my beautiful little man cry for the first time. He was born at 29 weeks 2 days gestation. He weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces and was 15 and 1/2 inches long. His daddy got to cut the cord and i got to catch a glimpse of him before he was rushed to NICU. It was two hours before i was allowed to see him.
It is hard to be a NICU mom. but very rewarding. when i heard that first cry i fell so deeply in love with my baby boy. Watching him accomplish goals and even looking in his little eyes as he tries his best to communicate is amazing. He is my hero. Even at only almost two months old he is the strongest person i have ever met. i love you JESSE JAMES LEE BRADEN