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I'm Pamela. 22 years old. SAHM currently.
I have been a teen mom, a single mom, married, divorced, remarried, a SAHM, a working mom, pregnant and working, and probably much more. That is life.
I have a beautiful 3.5 year old, Karlie Jayde.
And my June Bug turns one really soon, Skylar Alaine.
Got remarried on 9.10.11....this marriage, and this man are much much much better than the last and more than I could ever ask for!!

wlxfe1.jpgKarlie Jayde|08.15.09|6 lbs 3 oz|19 inches|10:00 AM
The princess is now almost 4. She knows really big words, can talk in a little bit of spanish, can count to 20(10 in spanish!), knows her ABCs, and overall is just completely amazing. She is a total girly girl. I couldn't ask for a better first daughter <3
Skylar Alaine|6.16.12|7 lbs 11 oz|19 inches|10:00 AM
My Bug is so big and crazy now! She is a total daredevil. She started walking at 9 months. She loves to eat...and sleep...like her daddy. She loves swimming, swinging, screaming, dancing, singing, reading. She is perfect.

Let the weight loss journey begin!
My ultimate goal is to get to 150.
pre-pregnancy #1: 140
date of delivery #1: 181
leaving the hospital: 163
I ended up getting down to 145, but gained a lot of it back when I moved in with DH. He likes to eat greasy food!!
pre-pregnancy: 165
date of delivery: 191
leaving the hospital: 177
1 week PP: 171.8

11 months PP: 190.2 I screwed up. I moved 3 hours away to the big city and started eating out daily, and was drinking 2 liters of soda per day. It was terrible. I am finally cleaning up my diet and exercising daily. I WILL lose this weight!