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Age 21
Gender Female
Status In a Relationship
Work Macy's Logistics & Operations
Location Charles Town, West Virginia
Interest Roller Skating, picking out names(pregnant or not), NURSING :)
Kids 1
Due Sep 21, 2013
I'm 18. I had my first child when I was 17. I'm now due on my 19th birthday with my second child!!

I work at Macy's Fulfillment Center.

Got my GED, graduating from homeschooling a year early!
I want to start college soon!! Not sure of my profession as of yet.
I love children, I frequently babysit children but, I was not trying for a child.
Now that I have a child, it's definitely what I expected, and maybe a bit easier!

I am not with the father, and he has not visited her. He's a POS.

Audrey Morgan Stickel (Her first picture)210772_463085363715411_587049398_o.jpg

I found out Audrey was a girl on 3/15/12!
I went to 41+2 and had my daughter vaginally with no pain meds on 8/17/12.
I had 3 doses of Cytotec(half a pill) and had my daughter 20 hours after the first dose! My birthing experience was amazing. I think I have a high pain tolerance because it just didn't hurt that bad! :D
I am breastfeeding and cloth diapering baby Audrey :)
2 Days Old
329257_463070160383598_1225055519_o.jpgCar Ride Home 303600_462862270404387_2066901806_n.jpg1 Month Old :)
304312_471224336234847_549929869_n.jpg6 weeks old!
2 months old!
664829_489282184429062_492774190_o.jpg" />
7 Months old
882962_561067400583873_759090919_o.jpg Audrey is going to be a BIG SISTER! I'm due September 22nd, 2013!!

Update on mommy! I'm still working at Macy's, I still WANT to go to college someday soon. I need to get my driver's license!!! I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. I'm currently still with the father! My first appointment couldn't be scheduled until I am 18 weeks. I hope I can get an ultrasound soon!


It's a girl I found out on 4/19/13 :)