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I'm Lily, a new mummy to my baby boy Samuel born 23/06/2012<3
My pregnancy was unplanned (I was on the pill) and came at the most inconvenient time (Baby "Crumb" was due the same day I had 3 A level exams!) but I wouldn't take it back for the world... I had to leave college but am planning on returning next year

My partner works his ass off to support us all in our home and supports me fully whilst I finish my education, hopefully when I have the qualifications to get a decent job I can give him a break, I'm grateful for every second he spends in a job he hates for us. He's my best and closest friend, a pillar of support in my life and I love him for how hard he fought for us to have a chance at a life together.

- I love orange relentless, nickelback, my nine siblings, cuddles, dressing gowns, my labrador, listening to the rain & the way my baby will never kick or wiggle for anybody but daddy <3 -