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Mommy to be at 41 & her Daddy is 53. Before we found out I truly thought I 1 of 2 things going on My 1st thought was Pre Menopausal, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & I would get so tired & Exhausted by the littlest of things. Then the Nausea & vomiting started in heavily & I'm now thinking maybe I have the flu. I had a temp of 106 not normal for me to even be feverish. Off to the E.R. we went here I'm thinking some antibiotics, something to drain my sinuses so I can breathe & sleep better So I wouldn't be so exhausted all the time. However, No, I'm told here are some scripts to relive some of your ailments. drink more fluids, finally we have a list of really good OBGYN's . I looked at the scripts & nothing was saying I had an infection ( Me still not catching on) The Dr. said let me show you this it was a POSITIVE Test for PREGNANCY. I know I really felt Dumb A million of question were racing through my mind I hadn't gained any weight, nor was I craving anything but, a little more sound sleep, and a little more comfortable in my own skin once again so to speak. By then we walked all the way home at this time I was still stunned but, happily that knowing I wasn't going to be sick for to much longer but so scared that I may just miscarry once again. By the time Our Little Loren makes her debut I will be so elated thinking that I would never have had the chance to be a mommy although they do say a little late is better than a little bit of never. I feel blessed to have this opportunity with her daddy & I couldn't ever feel more blessed to finally become a mommy by Gods' grace & not having to look into other options.