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My name is Melissa and I am due with my first child January 20th, 2014. It's a girl!!! Adrienne Victoria. DH and I are super excited.

A little about me:
-I joined the Catholic Church the Easter of 2011, which is where I met DH.
-I am a proud southerner- not a redneck, there is a difference.
-I had an abortion at 15, and a miscarriage a few months before I was blessed with this healthy pregnancy
-My favorite past time is being the aunt of three handsome nephews
-I am bad about typing the first thing that comes to mind, and not realizing how it comes across. Sorry in advance.

Where I stand on some issues:
-I say yes to most vaccines; this isn't the middle ages, and besides that I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
-If I were having a boy, he'd be getting circumcised for religious reasons
-I am pro baby getting fed. Lol. Obviously BF is undeniably what is best for your baby, but formula is just fine as well, or a mix of both.
-Delayed solids is a good thing in my book.
-I plan on baby wearing

1st Trimester

1-4 Weeks = 1 Month - Done!
5-8 Weeks = 2 Months - Done!
9-13 Weeks = 3 Months - Done!

2nd Trimester

14-17 Weeks = 4 Months - Done!
18-21 Weeks = 5 Months - Done!
22-26 Weeks = 6 Months - Done!

3rd Trimester

27-30 Weeks = 7 Months - Done!
31-35 Weeks = 8 Months - Done!
36-40 Weeks = 9 Months - *Baking*