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I am due November 28, 2013. I am having a baby girl. Her name is Zoey Marie Clarke. Looking at my 3D ultrasound pictures she looks just like her Daddy. <3.

Zach and I have been together for 5 years. I never really thought about having a baby, at 20 years old, I still wanted to live the "free" life, also I was thinking about going back to school. Well, we first found out we were pregnant late August 2012. When I found out I was pregnant, a sense of fear rushed through me, until we told family and they were supportive of pregnancy. So, I started to feel excited about it. I ended up losing the pregnancy due to miscarriage at about 9 weeks in the middle of September 2012. It took a while to get over the loss, but somehow we made it through. For 6 months we were ttc. When March 2013 came and I had no period, I got really excited. Took 2 tests late march, and they were positive. The only person who knew was Zach. I wouldn't tell anyone until I was about 13 weeks, in fear of having another miscarriage. When we told friends this time, they were just as supportive, again.

I am in my third trimester right now, with a non complicated pregnancy. I am looking forward to being a mother, and having a family with Zach. I couldn't ask to be with a better person <3.