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justme.jpgSnapshot_20120216.jpg*My name is Tanyia (Tuh-nye-ya) but most call me Nyia. :)
*I blow out my candles February 16th. That makes me 21.
*I became a mommy at 17 yrs old and a mommy again at 18.
*Both of my kids were born in 2009, making them 11 mths apart.
*I am pro-life, but I would never knock anyone elses choices. If it doesnt affect me personally, why should i get my panties in a bunch?
*I've been with Steven, my children's father for 4 yrs.
*We got pregnant after being together for only 3 mths.
*My life kinda side tracked when I got pregnant, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I just have to work even harder to do what I need to do for my kids.
*One would refer to me as a statistic, I got pregnant at 17, and dropped out of school. But I refer to myself as a mommy doing what she has to do to make sure her kids are taken care of. I'll get back on track soon enough.
*As of June 2012, I recieved my GED. I passed with a score of 3030 out of 4000 & will be graduating in February of 2013 with honors. I will be recieving an honors sash, and 2 honors certificates. One for scoring over 3,000 and one for getting a perfect score on one section of the exam. GO ME!!
*I'm still learning how to be the mommy of toddlers, however my kids make it easy.
*Im a tattooed, cartoon loving, purple loving, nick naming, hair braiding, paci giving, vaccinating, non circumsizing, sneaker wearing, hugs & kisses giving, semi CIO, co sleeping, Kailynn, Cameron & Steven loving kind of mama, & I wouldnt trade it for ANYTHING.

my-daughter-is-my-world.gifFresh Out, 1.30.09;; 4:42pm;; 6lbs 7oz 19.4 inches
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IMAG0413.jpgThis is Miss Kailynn Aniyah. She's 3 years old & just as smart as she can be! She knows all her colors & shapes, her alphabet & can count to 20. She can write about 5 letters & she loves to draw people. Her vocabulary is great, and every conversation we have is one to remember & the next is anticipated. I miss her being a teeny little thing, but I'm looking forward to her growing up!
December 28, 2009;; 2:01am;; 6lbs 7oz, 20 inches
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IMAG0621.jpgThis is Mister Cameron Elijah. He's 2 years old and amazes me everyday, with the things he does & the things he says. His paci is his best friend & we've been trying to get rid of it for months now with no luck. Hopefully soon. He loves playing with his big sister & I love watching them play, learn & grow together. He's my Camie Man :)

mydaughter.jpgAnd my bean #3 Due April 2013 !!
ussss.jpg***********Tanyia & Steven est. February 27th, 2008************
This is my chocolate faced squishy monster, Steven. I met him Jan 30, 2008 and 4 yrs later, we're still madly in love. We've had our moments, but without him, life would be incomplete. Hes the best father and fiance anyone could ask for. Hes funny, smart, loving, playful, and everything in between. <3
gma.jpgIMG_20120323_110124.jpgThis is my great gradmother. She was my rock from the day I was born. She took me in when no one else would. She became a mommy all over again at 67 years old. She kept me safe from my drug addicted, AIDS infected mother. I couldn't ask for a better person in my life. She did everything she could for me and my little brother. She battled bladder cancer when I was a little girl, but she pushed through everyday as if nothing but us mattered. She was absolutely amazing. She broke her hip back in 2009 and thats when life for all of us got really hard. She was in an d out of hospitals and nursing home, she developed dementia really bad, and ended up with pneumonia. It was so bad that she couldnt breathe on her own for almost a year and was on a breathing tube for 6 mths & and a trach for the other 6. Life was just to hard for her at this moment. She couldnt talk, had to get a leg amputated due to an infected bed sore, and she couldnt remember who I was. So god called her home. That was the worst call I've ever recieved. But shes at peace, along with mt mother, and father and her two kids as well. Kailynn talks about her all the time, and Kailynn was my grandmas favorite person in the world. By the time Camie was born, she was so sick I never told her about him for a fear of her irregular heartbeat over reacting to the news. But as long as shes happy, Im happy. Sad on the outside, but happy on the inside. **Lois Davis, 10.04.1922-04.19.2011**

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