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Hi people♥ If you see me and you know me...say HI!! My name is April...♥
I am the mother of 1 beautiful (yet cRaZy,lol) 9 yr old girl... I'm VERY happy and motivated... just here to vent, so vent back if you want!!!

Im a fun-loving individual, who loves meeting new people♥ I make friends easily, and I loVE style and fashion...I try more, and more to live my life to the fullest, because If there is one thing I fully understand at my age, it's that no matter how bad or good life is going...tomorrow is NEVER promised♥ I am a super-friendly girl, but I am very smart and don't waste time getting to know people that show me they aren't worth my time..I love motherhood, and I'm a very happy individual with a passion for life.♥