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My names's Ashley...And I'm freakin AWESOME! :-P

P.S. I'm fat and bitchy...I probably hate you. :-P

I'm Ashley Shaylene...First and foremost, I'm a Mommy. I have a son named Ashton Phoenix. He was born 9/6/01. I have another son who was born 3 weeks early on 11/10/10 and his name is Zephyr Shawn Anthony. I'm in LOVE with Shawn McDonald. :) For more about me, read on......

♥I believe in living life with no regrets...I've loved and lost, lived and learned. I appreciate everyone that has walked in...and out of my life. And even though some people don't agree with the choices I've made, I decided that it's impossible to please everyone and I am going to stop allowing other people to influence my decisions. And while I miss those that have walked away, I realize that there's a reason they aren't in my life anymore other than the fact that they don't approve of the way I live and my choices. Obviously our bond wasn't strong enough or meant to be. I wish them all the best in their own journey through life.
♥The word "poop" makes me giggle but the word "ploop" makes me cry...Poop is funny, ploop is the sound a BlackBerry makes when falling in a glass of Mountain Dew.
♥I'm capable of falling flat on my face when I'm standing still on level ground. I'm the clumsiest person ever...I trip over shit that's not even there.
♥I can't stand people who claim to be "grown up" because they are over 18.
♥I have a serious problem with people who lack intelligence. If you don't have even half a brain, we aren't going to get along because I refuse to dumb myself down to communicate with anyone.
♥I am smart, however, I am not a know-it-all and I don't pretend to be.
♥I was abused by Ashton's father.
♥I'm afraid of being alone.
♥I LOVE poetry.
♥I LOVE to sing.
♥I love thunderstorms, when I'm not alone.
♥My favorite color is purple.
♥I wanted to be an accountant but that wasn't for me
♥I dropped out of college once because I didn't want to take the retarded film studies class.
♥My natural hair color is blonde.
♥I like to play the keyboard but I haven't had time to practice in forever.
♥My Shawn is teaching me how to play the guitar.
♥I, REQUIRE lots of attention.
♥I don't feel like I fit in with anyone.
♥I'm really shy.
♥I'm a very vain person.
♥I get in my car sometimes and just drive for hours and hours with no destination.
♥I think I have finally kicked my 20 something year habit of biting my nails.
♥It doesn't take much to make me smile, just acknowledge me.
♥I love piercings and tattoos.
♥I LOVE butterflies.
♥I'm slightly over obsessed with Guitar Hero.
♥I'm REALLY overly obsessed with Wildberry Lemonade Smoothies, sub burgers and frozen mochas from Sheetz.
♥I have Attention Defecit Disorder so my attention span is pretty much non existent.
♥I tend to over think things and worry WAY too much.
♥I'm pretty much a door mat...I'm too nice for my own good sometimes.
♥I tend to put my plans and goals on hold so everyone else can focus on their own thoughts and ideas and then as soon as they've achieved their goals, they disappear
♥I make jokes about myself sometimes just to make people laugh.
♥I text more than the average person should be allowed to...I have a lot to say and dammit, I wanna be heard
♥It's really hard for me to tell someone I love them and I hide my true feelings from people because I'm afraid of being hurt again.
♥I get my hopes up WAY too easily and I always end up getting myself hurt.
♥I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and spelling most of time. I can't stand reading something that doesn't have proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.
♥I always feel the need to justify why my life is going the way it is now, even when I'm reassured that my situation isn't entirely my fault.
♥I'm Ashley, AshHole, Ashy, Mom....I'm just me. ♥ I'm moody, messy and picky. I'm a big pain in the ass!
♥If there were a Guiness World Record for bitchiest female alive, I would win it for sure
♥I will wake a man up in the middle of a dead sleep if I go to pee and the seat is left up, If anyone takes a shower and leaves the wet towel on the floor or balled up somewhere, I will b***h until it gets picked up by whomever left it there...
♥And I am a stickler for the toilet paper roll being put on the roll so the tp is pulled from the top.
♥Wearing wet socks freaks me out...So the floor needs to be dry after a shower is taken, boots and shoes off at the door.
♥I love green gummy bears and they are always the first ones I eat out of the bag. And they are ALL MINE! I will get vicious and bite your arm off if you put your hand in my gummy bears before I've had a chance to get all the green ones in my belly.