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Day by day nothing changes, but when we look back nothing the same! Take nothing for granted, learn let go of the bad and hold on to the good. REGRET NOTHING! Learn to roll with it, learn to love it, and in the end just brush your shoulder off! its all a game what we take from it in the end is truely at that matters! we only life once so enjoy your time, worrie about nothing, smile!
Ive have come along way, I am no longer that nieve little girl. I no longer listen to the bullshit. I know what i want out of life and i know how to get it. as long as i look at today and know that there may not be a tomorrow. life is a gift and like all good things then can leave you as fast as you got them. focusing on me and what i want! some day ill find the right one. who knows i may already have. and just dont know it!