Samantha Mirambell 6 Posts | Joined BG: Mar 21, 2007 Last Visit: 1 year ago
Age 27
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work Full-time Mommy
Location Morganza, Louisiana
Interest Music, Reading, and Writing
Kids 4
Angel Babies 4
I love Corey, Ayden, Gabrielle, CJ and my whole family more than anything in this world!

Well, my name is Samantha, but I'd rather be called Sami.
I'm 24 yrs old.
I'm like 5'9", cant tell u what color my hair is!
I'm not skinny, but I'm not really fat anymore.
I have 2 beautiful daughtesr named Ayden and Gabrielle, and will soon have my first son, Corey James Jr.
They are my everything!
I'm not big on parties like I used to be.
My children mean the world to me, so I'm giving up anything and everything I have to just for them.
I am working on getting my cosmetology licenses.
I'm random and dumb, but everyone still loves me.
My cousin Ashlee is the only person I tell everything to.
After being away from my family for 4 months, I realized how much I need them.
I would rather hide my true feelings then talk about them.
I cry way too much.
I listen to Killswitch Engage everyday.
They are my all time favorite band.
I twitch when someone tickles me.
When I'm pissed off, Slipknot calms me.
I sometimes listen to the voices that I hear. I'm NOT psycho.
I wear band tee's and skinny jeans, but I'm NOT emo.
I want atleast 15 tattoos by my 25th birthday.
Only 6 more to go. I smile way too much.
I know when to act my age.
Boys are fun but they are annoying.
I LOVE to piss my brothers off!
My day is complete when I do.
My mom knows how to get under my skin.
Gotta love her though.
I complain about the dumbest things just to get people to listen to me.
I blame tequila for breaking my arm.
Oh, and the stupid shower.
My favorite colors are neon green and red.
I hate talking to people I don't know.
I love my family so much!