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My name is Allison Hager, I'm 29 and live in Ohio. I'm married to my middle school sweet heart and love of my life! We have two beautiful children Kaleb - 2001 and Alexis 2004.
I am the Senior Beauty Adviser at Walgreens.
Right now I'm expecting our 3rd child 8/26/12 and having a rough time of it. I have a huge bleed at nearly 9wks and thought we had a miscarriage. 1/23/12 Though a ultra sound showed the baby is fine and growing a large 3cm round blood clot is on the placenta and that's all we know for now. Things are too small to see and my treatment for this is bed rest possibly till 20 weeks.
I'm still spotting :(
UPDATE : 1/30/12 the blood clot had flattened out but has grown in shape 4cm long now:( more bed rest and my spotting is heavier during this week :(
UPDATE: 3/34/12 2nd big bleed at 18wks w. lots of pain woke up covered in blood, ER visit shows again threatened miscarriage but baby is fine. Scheduled for MRI 4/12/12
UPDATE: 4/2/12 Scheduled for level 2 ultrasound for neural tube defect markers w. US from Ohio State.
UPDATE: 4/6 /12 IT'S A GIRL!
UPDATE: 4/12 /12 Had MRI - 4/13 Results came back that the only abnormal issues are the SCH (blood clot) Still no answers to why i'm in pain.
UPDATE: 4/16/12 woke up at 5:50am (half awake) gushing blood again (3rd big bleed) was able to go to L&D but was sent home. Baby sounded good on monitors...this has become the hardest thing I've ever done. I was told if I bleed again after 24wks they would keep me and possibly deliver me. No good. (21wks 1 day today)
UPDATE: 4/18/12 Had level 2 US with the Dr. from Ohio State. Baby is healthy and has no defects :) She did confirm however that if my bleeding continues after 24wks I will be kept as an inpatient and be given steroid shots to mature baby's lungs for a very early birth. She weighs 1lb. I am terrified. (21wks 3days today) She also says that my pain is caused from the blood from a partial abruption and that blood irritates muscle and that the blood moving through an un-opened cervix can be very painful. Finally some answers.
UPDATE: 4/19/12 Saw regular dr. today and he also agreed that i should be admitted after 24 wks (May 6th) if i continue to bleed. He says not only do i have the blood clot but a partial placenta abruption and as long as the baby is healthy and has a heart beat she can stay in. but if she becomes under distress she will be delivered. I would become impatient in Columbus, Oh to be monitored and treated aggressively to prepare for preterm birth. (21wks 4days today)
UPDATE: 4/22/12 - 4th hemorrhage- was taken to hospital by ambulance for heavy bleeding and pain. I was kept for 3 days. (22wks4days when released)
Dr's Appt today 5/4/12 baby looks fine SCH still there but not any larger. I'm 23.5 days today.
6/12/12- Just a quick update, I feel great and have felt great for over a month. I'm starting to get really excited about this lil girl and can't wait to meet her! Just a few more months and I hope I don't have anymore issues!
UPDATE: 6/15/12 -US showed a 3.3lb lil girl and a very small almost gone SCH! Feeling great!
UPDATE 6/23/12- I pPROMed and was sent to OSU 6/24 for hospital bed rest. I received both steroid shots since I've been here and magnesium and anti-biotics. Baby looks great on monitors. They are trying to keep me pregnant till I'm 34wks. I am 31wks today.
UPDATE 6/27/12- 5th Hemorrhage I was taken to the deliver side of the hospital over night for continuous monitoring. Baby did excellent and showed no signs of distress. Should be moved back to my room soon b/c the bleeding has almost subsided. I am 31+4 today.
UPDATE 6/29/12 - Ella Promise Hager was born at 2:20am by C-Section 3lbs 14oz 17inches long. She has blonde hair and as of 7/3/12 she is on NO AIR breathing on her own and taking breast milk by tube in her mouth. She is very alert and sweet. I can't wait to take her home :) I love her so much and I'm glad this story is at its end and just beginning at the same time!!

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