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My name is Alexundria Nichole Fernandez. I made diffrence to this world on January 25 ,1993 and for those who can't do math, well that means im 18 years old. anyways i was born in TEXAS... El Paso to be exact.... however i've lived in phoenix off and on since i was three. and been here since. i have a wonderfull mom Erica and well my dad has been missing out on us...anyways he lost out not us.. well i have one amazing sister Kayla and two crazzy brothers Thomas aNd Christopher. i go to thunderbird high school, thaqnkfully i will be done with that place soon. i am asoon to be mommy i will give life to my liitle sunshine Isaac Jayden... but i can't take all the credit.. of the love of my life Isaac helped..and together we will give life to an angel sent from heaven.. iknow iknow.. i'm young.. but God does everything for a reason and i know he will nevr leave my side. he is my strength and what keeps me going. i love my family and friends and most importanly my baby boy to be.. thanks all to my Lord who has always taken care of me and blessed me.