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Well there's a lot of things I can write in this silly little box to describe myself, but to be perfectly honest what I say is slightly biased and most likely designed in my favor to make me sound just a little more amazing than I really am.

I am an affectionate and sentimental person. I dabble in art and photography, and my only teacher is practice. I am deeply in love with food. Sweets in particular make me melt to goo. I am a very curious person by nature, so if you have anything you don't want me to know about, hide it. I'm friendly, open-minded, understanding, and empathetic towards any person or plight. I know how to manipulate words and situations to make myself sound as intelligent as I pretend to be.

My goal in life is to settle into a nice little nest, and support my stay-at-home husband and daughter with an amazingly well-paying and successful job that I will somehow be able to obtain with no real talent or education.