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I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day (2011). The best xmas gift ever considering i have been ttc for over 3 years! This will be my first baby and I am very excited. Here's an outline of my pregnancy so far:

Dec 25-27: 6 + pregnancy tests.

Dec 28: First lab work done tocheck hormone levels. progesterone really low so was given medication.

Jan 12: First Ultrasound. Saw the heart beat. 6 weeks 3 days along. Bbay looked great.

general symptoms so far. Sore b**bs, tiredness, get frustreated easily, nausea but no throwing up. uncontrolable burps..

Feb 7: 2nd ultra sound: babie's 10 weeks 4 days. We heard the hearbeat for the first time. 173 beats per minute. The baby was moving aroudn a lot and dancing. We saw the fingers and some toes.

DUE DATE: still remains at sept 1 2012 ( 2 days before my bday! )

Feb. 18: 12 WEEKS!! so i am not sure if i am out of my 1st trimester or not... not sure if it is 12 or 13 weeks. It's still exciting. So far, pregnancy has been great.

Symptoms as of 11/12 weeks: tiredness, cranky, still burping a lot. I've lost a total of 16 lbs so far despite the fact i am eating mroe and more now. At my last ultrasound, doc said my uterus is tilted backwards and resting on my spine... so as a result i have been having sharp nerve pains randomly. If i am walking when it happens, my right leg gives out on me. I am not sure if i am starting to show yet. When i wake up, i can see a small bump but it goes away quickly.

March 15: Thought i was supposed to get anultra sound done but Dr decided not to. Bbay's heartbeat was great.

April 7th: Felt baby move for the first time! :)

April 10th: IT'S A .........BOY!!