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My name is Anuh, I have an amazing 3 year old son named Jayden Micheal, that was born August 28th, 2009 via emergency c-section at Mercy Hopsital in Canton, Ohio, and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kaydence Marie on October 8th, 2012 via Repeat Cesarean. Im a 21 year old college student attending Stark State College for Healthcare Administration. I work fulltime as a waitress and take care of my babiess :)16.gif
Pregnancy Quotes
1-4 Weeks: One Month- DONE!(: 159 lbs
5-8 Weeks: Two Months- DONE!(: 154 lbs
9-13 Weeks: Three Months- DONE!(: 147.5 lbs

14-17 Weeks: Four Months- DONE!(: ITS A GIRLLL!!!! 152lbs
18-21 Weeks: Five Months- DONE!(: 156lbs
22-26 Weeks: Six Months- BAKINGGGGG!(: 160 lbs

27-30 Weeks: Seven Months- PREHEATINGGGG!(:
31-35 Weeks: Eight Months- PREHEATINGGGG!(:
36-40 Weeks: Nine Months- PREHEATINGGGG!(:

First Appoint confirming pregnancy - 2.09.2012 W/ Gina Jones EDD 10.15.2012
Weight 158

First Prenatal appointment - 2.13.2012 W/ Dr. Domingo - Did Pap and took cultures, because of severe lower right side pain they scheduled a same day ultrasound. U/S showed nothing, not even a gestational sac, reffered to Mercy for Beta Quant HCG. Results were HCG : 845. retest in 48 hours.

Weight 158

48 Hour Blood draw Retest at Mercy 2.15.2012 - HCG 1647

First Atrium Prenatal Appt 2.21.2012 - Pelvic exam and preg test, Same pain, said uterus was probably too small to show anything and ordered HCG test to check level. HCG was 16302.5 scheduled U/S for 2.23.2012
Weight 157

( EST 6 week 0 day U/S to early for machine to date )

2.23.2012 Ultrasound at Atrium - SAW HEARTBEAT !!! est at 6 weeks , machine couldn't date earlier than 6 weeks 2 days, next u/s scheduled for 3.8.2012
Weight 155

2.27.2012 - Ultrasound at Dr Domingo's Office - HCG for weekly draw at Mercy on 2.22 came back at 15833 after it was 16302.5 on 2.21 so I am keeping the U/S Dr. Domingo planned to confirm D.D

seconultrasound22712.jpgWe HEARD the heart beating for the very first time, it was so amazing. 116 BPM
{Their machine estimated me at 6 weeks 1 day) EDD of October 20th!

March 8th, 2012 - Ultrasound at Atrium to confirm due date Saw baby and heartbeat at 154 BPM . Due Date changed to October 14th 2012 Baby measured 8 weeks 4 days.
ultrasound38128weeks4da.jpgMarch 20th, 2012 - OB history, Financial meeting, and Tummy check Will be 10 weeks 2 days. Signed birth agreement and chose hospital. Heart HB for the first time through fetal doppler found it almost imeddiately! neext appointment in 2 weeks for OB bloodwork and "full exam"

March 21st, 2012 - Went to ER about 9am because I had stomach pain that woke me up out of my sleep, they gave me morphine and zofran through IV and fluids because i was very dehydrated and had lost 7 pounds since my last doc appointment. Had U/S that i wasn't allowed to look at baby looked good mesaured 10 weeks 2 days, they thought appendicitus but it is Gastritus from stress and excess vomiting. Put on 3 more prescriptions and admitted until 6pm 3-23-12.

March 27th, 2012 - Went to the ER after being hit in my stomach, having cramps and pink on toilet paper. U/S revealed 4.5 in and 1.5 inch bleeds on the right and left side of the amniotic sac. Babys HB was 167 BPM sent home with vicodin and a threatened miscarriage. follow up March 28th at 11AM babys heart is still beating, no blood in vagina but on bedrest and pelvic rest. came home after appoinment and bloody mucus fell into my underwear TMI but I think the miscarriage is coming ....

April 3rd 2012 - Tummy check , heard HB 152lbs BP 90/60 scheduled U/S

April 17th, 2012 - ITS A GIIRRLLL!!!!! :) 14 wks 3 days HB was 160
weight 151lbs
itsagirll.jpg preg.png

Daddy and Big Brother to BE!!!!