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Painting_A_Rainbow_freecomputerdesktopwabrittney.giftaken-love.pngZZZblinkie_2009mommy_denim2.gifBabyMonii19_Taken_Mommyx1 <3 Full time Mommy, Full time Student. I'm a co-sleeping,pro- breastfeeding, proud teen mom, preschool @ 3, pro-choice kind of mom , tattooed, pierced , disposabe diaper using ,cuddling, vaccinating, against early ear piercings,photo crazy,book reading, pacifier giving,non-spanking,solids @ 6 months kind of mom. xoxo
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I have a site if your interested become a member, for free. Teen mom site, or pregnant or might be pregnant- girls only. fun facts, links , blogs, photos, much more. connect with others and chat online.

I'm far from perfect, & I am the first to admit it, I make mistakes, I'm silly, outspoken, opinionated, suborn, my walls are build high, I care more about others than myself but that's how I wanna be. I love to deep and to fast but I haven't lost yet. life ain't easy, life is hard everyday, but its the challenges in life that help shape who we are. You will never know until you try , you will never end up on top, unless you start to climb up each day, trying new things and never giving up. ♥ - BrittMoniiTay. xox
rose-scraps-6.gifblinkie_AP_breastfeedingmommy.gif29660_10150191334350565_615555564_127206I have a gorgeous little girl who is 3 years old next month on the 9th. How exciting:)
I'm very happy with my life, I graded in the year of 2011. For my babygirl:) Thinking of college courses, I made this profile to get into touch with other moms. I want a few more kids once I am working fulltime and more stable, after I buy a house and what not. I really want a son, one day. I love my man and my daughter, they mean the world to me. xoxoxoxoxo Faith, Hope and Love.
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I've been committed for the past 2 years, I love my man. Jason, Passey:)
faith-hope-love.jpgFaithHopeLoveSign.jpg MY BEAUTIFUL WITTLE FAMILY <3 JASON & MARISSA MARIE