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Hi, I'm Danielle!
I am expecting a little boy in June, and I'm naming him Sawyer Quinn!

1-4 Weeks - (1 Month) - Done!
5-8 Weeks - (2 Months) - Done!
9-13 Weeks - (3 Months) - Done!

Second Trimester
14-17 Weeks (4 Months) - Done!
18-21 Weeks (5 Months) - Done!
22-26 Weeks (6 Months) - Done!

Third Trimester
27-30 Weeks (7 Months) - Done!
31-35 Weeks (8 Months) - Done!
36-40 Weeks (9 Months) - Baking! ♥

Name?: Danielle
Age?: 19
Height?: 5 ft 6
About The Father
Name?: Dan
Age?: 21
Height?: 6 ft 4
Are you still together?: No.
About Your Pregnancy
Is this your first pregnancy?: yep :)
When did you find out you were pregnant?: October 5th 2011
Was it planned?: No.
What was your first reaction?: oh. my. gosh.
Who was with you when you found out?: My cousin
Who was the first person you told?: mom and dad, and sister
How did your parents react?: they were VERY supportive, i am so lucky to have them!
How far along are you?: 31 weeks (april 18)
What was your first symptom?: sore b**bs, VERY nauseous, and sick ALL the time!
What is your due date?: 6/20/12
Do you know the sex of the baby?: yes!
If so, what is it?: a little boy <3
Have you picked out names?: yes!
If so, what are they?: his name is Sawyer Quinn
How much weight have you gained?: i actually (so far) have lost 32 lbs during my pregnancy due to being SOOOO sick!
Do you have stretch marks?: yes. and i am not ashamed of them.
Have you felt the baby move?: OH YES he is VERY active!
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yep :)
About the birth
Will you keep the baby?: Yes.
Home or hospital birth?: Hosptial.
Natural or medicated birth?: i want to steer clear of an epidural, but i will take iv pain meds.
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: my mom and dad
Will you breastfeed?: yes
Do you think you'll need a c-section?: not so far. lol
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: deffinatley
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?: 'dont know yet.
Would you let someone videotape the birth?: No.
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?: BOTH! but i am VERY excited to get him out and into this world!