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I am 34 years old & finally prego for my first. It took forever & thank God for IVF or I would still be waiting. My husband & I are so excited & so is everyone that I know. We found out that we are having a boy and my husband is so excited it almost made me cry to see his face when we found out it was a boy. Pure joy and a sparkle in his eye. We have named him Caleb James but are fighting about the spelling. I want to spell it Kaleb and it wants it Caleb. We shale see who wins :) I cant wait to meet him and am so excited to see what he looks like. The suspense is killing me. We are due the end of Sept. so I am taking 12 weeks for maternity so I get to spend as much time with him as I can. I know it will be very hard to go back to work and leave him in daycare!