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I'm a terrible mother...Reasons why:

I don't co-sleep because my kids sleep better in their own spaces

I let DS belly sleep

He has blankets and stuffed animals in his crib

He also has bumpers

I give him a pacifier to sleep

I let him fuss it out and self soothe, but never actually cry

He gets goat milk, not formula

I did BLW with DS, but DD would choke on anything the slightest bit chunky, so she lived on purees

I don't ever wait 4 days before introducing a new food

I start foods before 4 months if upping milk doesn't fill them up. DD ate 12 ounces within an hour, and was still hungry, didn't spit up a drop. Kid got food.

I put DS in a jumperoo for more than 10 minutes a day

I let my dog lick him clean after he throws up

He has toys in the car. Not all of them are soft

I don't circumcise

I stopped vaccinating

I let my kids watch TV. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is always on somewhere.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of anything else for now.

My world <3

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