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Well, I'm Nicole, but it's Niki if you know me - at all. Let's see... I'm 21, 5 ft. 2.. I have red hair that's sometimes brown, and brown eyes that occasionally decide to change red...
I'm; polish, irish, german and italian -that means I'm made to drink and love with all my heart, be passionate, sensitive, soulfull\emotional, happy but with a fierce temper, a great cook, creative, cute, freckled and perma-sunburnt, lol. And damned proud of it!

I beleive in individuality. Be yourself. No matter what. I love having fun just living my life..
I hate people who are arrogant, people who are ignorrant, liars, cheaters, drama wh**es, sluts and narcissists.

Family (blood, extended, in-law or otherwise) is always first and foremost, and they are freaking epicc. ;)

And really? I'm just - me. No more, no less.
Live with it, or live without me.