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I'm baylee, i have a 3 year old son and im currently TTC.
Have been TTC for over a year now.
I have dreams to have a nice big family.
I'm religious and god-fearing.
My husband and i are a traditional couple and we're conservative.
I am very much pro-life, and i believe in educating our children about family values and religion.
I believe in the potential for anyone to be a productive member of society.
I believe in compassion towards the troubled.
I've seen the impact of faith on troubled individuals.
I believe that God doesn't answer wishes but grants guidance.
I believe the world revolves around deceit and trickery and that the only way to become strong is to reunite under God and strengthen the religious belt, what ever religion it may be!

I dont t hate those different then me and i try to understand all kinds of people. I have compassion in my heart for most.

My life became changed 3 years ago when began to study world religions. I met my husband through similar faith. My life was changed entirely.