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I know most people wont read my about me, just judge by what they see, but I will start off by saying Im Alyssa I try to have a positive outlook on life but sometimes there are obstacles in the way. i'm getting sick of people automatically assuming i'm this or that way because of my appearence. i'm very nice and will treat you with respect unless you've already lost it. I'm working on trusting and forgiving people. Everyone deserves a second chance. I'm slowly cutting people out of my life, for the better. I dont want any of the 'friend of the week', i want true friends, that will stick around, not just screw you over and leave. Originality isn't real, we've all seen things and made them our own. Jealousy tends to take over, sometimes its a bad thing. First impressions are everything to me, so make a good one. I am very outspoken and opinionated and I suppose that sometimes makes me sound like a b****. But I'm not afraid to acknowledge that's how I am and thats me. I'm probablly what you expected me not to be. I know what im going to do with my life. i find odd things beautiful, if you saw it the way i do, you would too. I have a life outside of a website, thanks......
..I am currently taken by the man of my dreams Micheal.Allen.McDuffie
. He Is The Best Thing That Has Ever Happend To Me..
We Have Came A Long Way To Were We Are Today..But Yup He's My Babe And Means More To Me Than Anything
..And Soon Hope To Be Mr. & Mrs. McDuffie..Idk What I Would Do Without Him He Is My Better Half

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