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Age 36
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Kids 19
UHi my name is Rose. I am a mother of two beautiful children who are both special needs. My daughter is 11 and has been diagnosed with Epilepsy since age 4. My son is 4 yrs old and Mildly mentally retarded. Both of them are happy kids with sunshine through their eyes! I was married to their father for 10yrs then we got divorced (he was abusive ) anyway life was hard having been a single mom with two disabled kids, 3yrs ago I met a wonderful man, he stepped right up to the plate and loved my kids! When he asked me to marry him, I told him to be sure because I didn't want any more children, he said He loved me and would support any decision, I ended up conceiving our baby on our wedding night! LoL I had mixed feelings and was terrified of this baby would be sick, I am due in June and so far he is perfectly healthy, praise God! Anyway I love making new friends so please PT me or feel free to PM. :)

I am Christian
I am pro life
I am pro breastfeeding
I am pro vaccine
I am against circumsicin

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