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WOW! The second time of TTC, and we were successful! I think sometime in October or November we will get married. We go to a pregnancy center about 30 minutes away, they have an incentive program there where we earn points and can spend those points in their boutique to get stuff for our baby, diapers, cribs, clothes, maternity clothes, etc. I would like to thank my wonderful other half, David, for being so.... WONDERFUL! Also, I'd like to thank instead for making a great alternative to tampons and a way for us to successfully have a baby!

Baby survey:

About the mommy!
Name: Crystal
Age: 21
First child?: yup

About the daddy!
Name: David
Age: 22
First child?: yes

Finding out!!
What day did u find out?: June 27 2012
How did u feel when u found out: ecstatic
Who was with u?: David
Who was the first person u told?: sister
How did they react?: Possibly happier than me!
How did the daddy react?: his jaw dropped, he stepped back and said "we're gonna have a baby!"

Telling the grandparents!
How did ur parents react?: Dad poked fun, but was happy overall!
How did his parents react?: Very supportive
Are they helping with baby names? Nope! I'm doing the name thing with David
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Not yet
How often do they call to check on u?: Everyday

About the pregnancy!
When was ur first appointment?: Aug 3
When is ur due date?: March 4th
How far along r u?: 17 weeks
Pre-pregnancy weight?: 152
Weight now?: 160
Have u had an unltrasound?: yes
Have u heard the heartbeat?: yes
What was the heartbeat?: 166

Sex of the baby!
What do u want?: Boy!!!
What does the daddy want?: A boy!
What do u think u r having?: Girl
Have u had ur big ultrasound yet?: not the 20 week, but at 15 Weeks he said "girl"
If so, what r u having?: girl
Are u happy with what u r having?: well of course

About the birth!
Do u know what u r taking with u?: no!
Who is going to be with u?: David, I also want my sister
Are u going to videotape it?: uuugh, his mom wants to
Natural or medicated?: medicated for sure
Do u think u will need a c-section?: hope not
Will u cry with u hold ur baby for the first time?: yeah
Do u know what u will say to the baby when u first hold him/her?: haven't thought about it
Are u scared about the labor?: definitely!!!

Do u have a name picked out?: just a girl name
Girl names...: Emma Sophia
Boy names...:
Is ur baby going to be named after someone?: No

Other random questions!!
Where was ur baby conceived?: Everywhere!
Have you felt the baby move?: yep
What race will your baby have? From you and daddy?: a mix of everything
Do you have stretch marks?: not yet.
What was your first symptom?: Sore nipples
What religion will the baby know? And from what side?: Non denominational Chrisstian, both of us
What music or interests do you want the baby to know?: Hopefully a variety of everything!
Will ur baby have godparents?: Idk
Who will the god mommy be?: unsure
Who will the god daddy be?: Unsure
What is the baby's room theme?: Classic Pooh Bear
What was the first thing u bought for the baby?: Onesie
Are u ready to be a mommy?: I have a long way to go!