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Hi im Celeste. im 21years young. Im expecting my first baby. ITS A BOY! Im going to name him Zion Russell. I found his first name when reading my bible... i feel that God picked his name and had me see it. and middle name Russell although a name i dont prefer... was my fathers name and makes it perfect. Wish his grandpa russell could be around to see him be born.... I am so excited to make my mother a grandmother and my little sister and auntie... as well as most of my closest friends like sisters to be aunties. the people who are there for him in his life r the ones that even matter.. even though my relationship with baby daddy isnt the greatest right now.... n i hope that maybe he can fullfill his role as a good father if not for us to be together again. trying not to focas on that right now and focas on watching baby Zion grow into a handsome baby boy and i cant wait to hold him in my arms....