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Im not sure how I should start this off.
Hi there--Im Skylar. I'm and average girl. I'm kinda shy and I really never know what all to do. I try to talk to someone and get nervous and it always comes out making me look stupid. I don't like meeting new people. I don't have any friends. Can't trust a female (IMO) I like to stay away from drama and just "DO ME".
I have a precious baby boy! His name is Jonathan David JR. ,but we call him JonDavid.
He is my world. He has changed me so much! I would give up my heart for him!! I never realized I wasn't anyone til the second I layed my eyes on him. I then realized all I was meant to do was be a good mother. I HATE being called a teen mom. I use to think it sount cool cause the show but I came to my senses and thats not cool at all.. There is no such thing as a teen mom or a adult mom. A mother is a mother! 16 or 26. God has gave me the best gift I could EVER ask for!! Sometimes it gets so frustrating and I get stressed out and depressed,but according to everyone else I have so much patients. I always feel like im doing everything wrong. I sometimes feel like my son hates me,but I know thats just the negative getting to me. Well I'll get to my short birth story!(:
JonDavid was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches when he was born! (Just 1oz. bigger then I was). He came out with jet black hair. Deep blue eyes and so ALERT!! My labor was painless and so fast!

I have been with his father since November 18,2009. I love him dearly and I am so glad that I met him! It was like love at first site! I hope that one day I can call him my husband but were not rushing that way! (but it will happen(:)..I think him everyday for giving me my son. And he is a good father . He stook around and he always helps with him..To be honest.he surprised us all. We were both scared when we found out but just the next day we was so happy!! Sometimes accidents can bring you the worlds best.

I feel like im messing something? Well,if you have anything you want to ask or you just want to talk you can PM me. Bye.Bye.