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Either LOVE me or HATE me.!

I have a daughter Madelyn Kymberlee May, she was born the 30th of March; she is the center of my life and I always put her first. She's the greatest little baby ever, she's so smart already. She's a very fast learner. We've been inseparable since day one. I also have the most amazing boyfriend Justin Ferro, he's been there since I've found out I was pregnant pretty much. He knew what he was getting himself into and he was okay with it, I can't help but love him to death knowing he loves madelyn too, and he wants to have both of us in his life. My family has become really supportive with the coming of my little girl. I have always dreamed of going to Paul Mitchell Hair School to learn and make a career and living; but as for now I'm just a stay at home mom and wait for the weekends to spend time as a family with Justin & Madelyn.