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♥ Hi World. I'm Danielle Marie. I am the mama to be of Alexandria Rei or James Robert (ME and my fiancee are keeping the gender a surprise, or at least til the baby shower.) I could not be more excited about my little blessing. It's only been 14 weeks, or a little over 3 months, but, it feels like time is going by fast/slow. (Just depends on the day, aha.) My fiancee's name is James Robert which is why the boy's name is the same. Family tradition. (: He and I are both very independent people. He is 20 and already has a good paying job and his own apartment and car. I am 17, in my junior year of high school and looking for a job. But me and him are doing this together nonetheless. We are paying for things with our own money. We believe it is our child, our choice, and our responsibility. I may be young, but, the plan is for me to finish high school early, meaning I graduate next December when the baby is 3 months old, and then move in with him to make family life easier. I will be continuing on to college and hopefully starting a job. I wish to stay home with the baby though, as much as I can. I love children, the one currently growing, and my lovely angel baby. I like to think he/she is looking down upon his/her brother/sister and wishing the best on us. This is me, and this is my life. Love me or leave me.