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Ok so Im Rebecca, The wife of Josh and the Mother to two beautiful children Armand and Celeste! I am very proud of who iam and everything i have been thru even the horriable things has made me into the strong loving person iam today :) SO other then being a wife an mother what about me?? Well im very openly Pagan an proud to be so an my children will be raised as so but will have the freedom to choose a religion when they are older then they are now! I love to write, learn an play with my kids! My Dear hunny is our supporter he works hard an never misses a day of work even though i beg him to call in when he is sick he doesnt an i respect/love him for all his does for us...BTW He is my best friend(even though i have other Best friends) and will always be! Ok so i think i went off the subject there.....

So other things about me Im a Cloth diapering (and addicted to CD'S) baby wearing co-sleeping attched mommy who loves her kids more then anything! I doubt myself (openly admit i have low selfesteem) but i try. Im a pretty open minded person with a very open loving heart. To those that know will tell you I wear my heart on my sleeve an love with all my heart and can be the best friend you will have, but im learning now not to let people into my life as much.....

So feel free to send me a message i do love to talk lol as you can see an do love making friends