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Due Nov 02, 2012
I'll be livin' life till the day blood stops rushing through my veins && my heart stops beatin.

The name is Susan.I have learned that life is about learning how to have fun,smile,laugh && cherish all that you have because one day everything you have,will be gone. <3....
I currently wrk as a nurse aide love my helping ppl but can't wait till I get my RN doubt I'm going to make it happen...
I love music,country,r&b,rap,hip to dance && club,shopping,singing,camping,beach,volleyball,havin fun:)
:) p.s.-smile

-susan mayy


The steps we take
The lifes we change
The moments that take our breathaway
" Walk"
I've stumbled, Ive fell,I've gotting back on my feet
I've been let down, used && mistreated
I'm still standing here
You've misjudged me,didn't see the real me,just saw what you wanted too
You've tried to change me,rearange me,put things in my mind
Your words don't hurt, you dont faze me, Your dirt in the road,Scum on the streets,Seaweed in the water, && you mean nothing to me