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What can I say about myself? I'm an old fashioned girl with a passion for history and literature. I met my wonderful husband Brian when I was 19 and we've been married almost 8 years. There's 9 years difference in our ages and we're complete opposites, but I think thats what makes us so perfect for each other. We have a five year old daughter Amelia, who is the sweetest, most beautiful girl and lights up my life in so many ways. I'm a stay at home mom and I love spending time with my little family. We have 3 crazy cats! Asru and Isis are litter mates we've had for 9 years. Dear 14 year old Sophie was my dad's "buddy", who came to live with us when he passed away 6 years ago. Most recently we added a Bogle (Boxer/Beagle Mix) puppy to our family. Her name is Snoopy and she is a mess, but we love her!

I am very blessed :)