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well hello guys! (:
my names ashley wilson;
i just recently found out i was pregnant right before my 18th birthday.
i was so shocked but i was extreamly happy.<3
pregnancy is the best thing that has ever happen to me & my honey.
we are so happy for the baby, we cant wait til it gets here.
ive been really wanting a girl but my honey wants a boy,
we also did the old wise tale with the pencil needle and thread it turned out to be a girl.
hopefully that tale is completly honest. i cant wait for my sunshine to be here.
im only 7 wks & 3 days and pregnancy is a great feeling,
ive been getting mourning sickness leg cramps heart burns & my stomach hurting.
im really big then i should be, i cant believe how big i look, hopefully its not twins lol
i have twin brothers. idk if they got my due date wrong but my tummy was hurting not like farting or throwing up or cramping it was just hurting my mom said its the baby moving around and your getting dark marks on your face and your face is swollen. so im going to the doctor next wensday to see if i can get an ultra sound done hopefully they will give me one, i cant wait to see what my little one looks like , i already bought baby stuff like a winnie the pooh pack n play a matress for its crib, a walker, and a bouncey seat, im looking to buy a cherry wood crib and a stroller with a carseat with its base to match. im so excited that im going to be having a baby. but baby stay in mommys tummy has long as possible i want you to be the healthiest you can be,<3 daddys workin for us while me and you take it easy.<3 i love you baby or babies<3 always & forever, mommy cant wait to see your prettty self<3 mommy and daddy loves youu!<3