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Age 25
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work Director of Marketing and Design
Location Winter Garden, Florida
Interest bowling, going to the beach
Due Nov 18, 2012 (girl)

My name is Angela and I am 22 years old. Things I like are great design,cupcakes and boba tea. I have an amazing fiance who I spend most of my time with. I love him so much I couldn't ask for anyone better. Brian thank you for everything.

About Mom:
Mothers Name: Angela Carollo
Age: 22
Birthday: 5/20/90
Birth Place: Edison, New Jersey
Height: 5' 3"'
Fathers Name: Brian Streit
Age: 27
Birthday: 12/3/84
Birth Place: ??
Height:: ??
Are you with the baby's father?: We are happily engaged for almost 2 years
Are you married?:no
If together, how long have you been together?:almost 3 years
Is this your first pregnancy?: yes
How did you find out you were pregnant? sore, cramping, took 4 tests
What were your first symptoms?: sore, cramping, eating everything, everything smells good
Who did you tell first?: My fiance
Who was with you when you found out? Brian
Was baby planned?: kinda
What was your reaction?: freaked out a little but then got excited
What was the baby's father's reaction?: he smiled and we cuddled he was excited
What was the parent's reactions?: shocked and then happy
What was friends and family reactions?: Happy
Due date: November 19th
Do you want to know the sex? yes
Do you know the sex?: yes
If so, boy or girl?: Chloe
Any names? A+B=C Chloe Amanda
Ultrasounds?: Yes
Have you heard the heartbeat? yes
Baby's ethnicity? white
Who do you think baby will look like? probably like dad
Will baby have any siblings?: yes big sister Mariah
Will baby have their own room?: yes
What is baby's nursery theme? girl pink brown hearts
Have you and dad felt baby move? too soon
What hospital will you deliver: Health Central
Who will be in the delivery room? Brian my mom and his mom
Will you use medication?: I'm not sure yet probably since I pass out of pain
Are you scared about labor?: kinda yes
Will you videotape or take pictures?: pictures
How will you react when you see baby? over joyed crying
What will you say?: I don't know
Did you have morning sickness?: not at all
Did you have any cravings? tacos and cupcakes
Did you have any mood swings?: I cry a little
Are you a high risk pregnancy?: yes type 1 diabetic
Any complications?: no and hopefully no
Formula or breastfeeding?: Trying breastfeeding
Have you bought anything for baby yet?: yes
When did you start to show?: now at 6 weeks I think its water weight I have been drinking water like crazy
How long could you wear your regular clothes? still am
Are you excited?: of course
Who will help with baby after their born?: Brian and my mom
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: knowing this is ours we created this
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: not knowing how things are going constantly!