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523599_2911702650677_813972087_n.jpgAbout Mommy
Name: Tabatha
Age: 27
Pre-pregnancy weight: None ya
Current weight: Read above
How far along are you: 22 Weeks (Due Date 10/14/2012)Is this your first pregnancy: Yep
How many children do you want to have:
I want 2, 1 Boy and 1 Girl
Do you like being pregnant: So far I love it.
Have you had any morning sickness: Nope
Have you had any mood swings: Nope
Have you had a stronger sense of smell: Yes
Have you had any swelling in your hands or feet: Nope
Have you had any aches or pains: Yes a little cramping and b**bs hurt
Will you take maternity leave: Yes
Favorite maternity outfit: I will let you know when I get bigger
Favorite past-time while being pregnant: Sleeping
Have you bought any baby things: Yeah, baby doesn't need anything
Are you more excited or nervous: Excited!

About Daddy
Name: 27
Age: Cole
Relationship with you: Husband
How long have you known him: 9 years
Does he have any other children, names and ages: No
How many children does he want to have: 2
What is his favorite past-time: Fishing, game playing, relieving stress at a gun range
Has he bought anything for baby: Yes
Is he excited: Yes

Pregnancy So Far
When did you find out you were pregnant: Saturday February 12, 2012
How did you find out: Took a test (crazy but I knew in my heart that I was pregnant even though I had a negative the week before this one was positive!!)
Who was with you when you found out: My husband
What was your reaction: I screamed with excitement lol
How did the daddy react: He was excited
How did your parents react: They Cried
How did his parents react: They Cried
Were you trying to conceive: Yes!!
Did you consider an abortion: HELL NO
Have you heard the baby's heart beat: YES! 180 bpm March 13, 2012
Have you had any ultrasounds: YES! March 13, 2012
Have you had a 3D/4D ultrasound: Not yet
Have you had any complications: No
Are you high risk: No
Are you having a boy or a girl: BOY!!
Have you picked out any names yet: Yes
If so, what are they: Tommy
Any food cravings: Nope
Craziest thing you have eaten: Nothing yet
Do you have any pregnant friends: no :(
Do you frequent any baby forums: This one
Have you felt any movement: Yes at 17 weeks
Has dad felt any movement: Not yet
Do you or dad talk to baby: Yes, we both do
When did you first start showing: Not yet
Do you have any stretch marks: no
How have you been sleeping: Okay
Have you had any really strange dreams: Not yet
Have you gotten any braxton-hicks contractions: No
Has dad had to make any midnight snack runs: No
Have you made baby shower plans: No
Have you registered anywhere: No
What was the first thing bought for baby: Bassinet
Are you going to take any birthing classes: No
Have you read any pregnancy or baby books: No
When is your next doctors appointment: July 2, 2012