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My name's Cassidy, and I'm a soon to be mother from Canada. I'm a bit nervous about the baby coming, but am excited to be going on this adventure with my best friend! I decided to sign up for this mostly because I am extremely bored, being unable to yogurt covered raisins.

Two weeks ago my perfect little world shattered to pieces. Selah Elise Braddock was diagnosed with Edward's Syndrome. Our precious daughter will not live to be a year. Selah, we will count our days with you as blessings, and we still anxiously await your arrival.

I am starting my own sort of blog on here, called Dear Selah. These are letters to my daughter, telling her things that I wish she could know. And if she does survive, which I refuse to count out, they will be a great way to tell her her own story. Thanks for all the support ladies, it is incredibly appreciated. We don't know how long we'll have you Selah, but our days with you will be precious.

This is a song that my husband Ben has written for our daughter. I am trying to convince him to record it in a way so that I can post it on here...We'll see! For now, here are the words:
Selah's Song

Did you know that on the day we knew you were coming,
I swear the angels began to sing.
Did you know that as your Momma told me,
Her face was just glowing.
Did you know that as I spun her around,
It felt like I'd never touch the ground, when I knew.
Did you know how much I love you?

Did you know how hard your Momma cried,
When we found out the news?
Did you know, that as I held her tight, I cried too?
Did you know that when they came and told us
My world fell apart?
Did you know, little girl, that you
Broke your Daddy's heart?

Did you know that we'll never do the things
That girls and Daddies ought to do?
No dolls, no cars, no boys,
Nothing borrowed, nothing blue.
But did you know that I'm holding on, with all I have
To the moments I've got with you?
Did you know how much I love you?

Did you know that you like Dr. Seuss,
And the Moose book too?
Did you know that you like it when I sing your song to you?
Did you know that no matter what happens, I am so proud of you?
Did you know that you'd love your Momma, yeah. I love her too.
Did you know that the Boston Bruins are the best team in the world?
Did you kow that you'd agree, yeah, Mom. She's a Daddy's girl.

Did you know that when tomorrow comes you might fly away?
To a place where your body is formed ok?
Did you know it's gonna kill me to have to let you go?
But did you know that no matter what, baby, you're my hero?
You're my angel, you're my child.
Sweetie, know this is true.
Baby girl, know that I love you.

For those of you who don't know what Edward's Syndrome is, I've copied and pasted a link to an article explaining it. You'll find this below:
According to this site, the odds of it occuring in a live birth are one in 5000. I've also found the number 1 in 3000, so I honestly believe that no one truly knows how many children are affected with this.
Regardless of what the outcome of Selah's birth may be, we will count our days with her as blessings. In the days when she has passed on, I have no doubt I will cry about the unfairness, that this little girl will never fully know life. But until then, I will cherish the limited time I have with her, and count myself blessed to have such a special little girl.