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Found out I was pregnant on April Fools Day, 2012.

Woke up around 7:30 am on 12-09-12 feeling like I had to go to the bathroom so I got outta bed and lost most of my plug. Started having contractions that were not painful at all but were coming every 10 mins apart. Called my midwife an was told just to keep track of them and let them know if they got painful or got down to 5 mins apart. Laid back down to take a nap since it was still so early and I wasn't in any pain. Woke up and contractions stayed at every 10 mins till around 2pm when they went down to every 7. Called the midwife back around 2:30, she told me to keep track and she would call me back in an hour. By the time she called me back around 3:30 they were every 5 mins apart so she told us to head to the hospital. Got there and got checked, was 4-5cm dilated and 80% effaced so they admitted me. My midwife wasn't on until 7pm so we walked around the l&d floor and by the time we got back to my room she was there and ready to check me. I was almost 6 m and 90% effaced. She broke my water and gave me the epidural and we waited around and slept until after 2am since I was stuck at 9.5cm for a couple hours. When i woke up from resting they started getting the room ready and said it was time to push. I pushed for 54 minutes and my baby Rayne Kaida was born at 3:44am on 12-10-12 weighing 8lb 9oz and 21 1/4 inches long. She was 5 days late so she shares a birthday with her aunt, my youngest sister :)